The FCA set a deadline to claim money back for PPI, but years of annoying cold calls and daytime TV ads meant no one wanted to hear about it. There were still billions left unclaimed so we had to do something people wouldn't ignore.
We created a severed animatronic Arnold Schwarzenegger head on tank tracks to snap people into action. The campaign featured on national and international news regularly over two years and when all was said and done, we'd prompted 32 million claims which amounted to over £38bn paid pack to consumers.
The campaign includes TV, print, outdoor, social, PR and radio and with close to 100 different executions, here's a summary...
The launch was about grabbing attention and getting people to make a decision. 
Campaign Pick of the Week.​​ 
Social ads went out on Facebook and YouTube.
Most PPI products were sold in the 90's and noughties, so we sent Arnie back in time to jog a few memories.
Radio - Aerial Award
With the deadline only weeks away, we upped the ante and had Arnie crushed over a series of ads. 
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